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Mold is a fungus that’s not wanted which can be found on surfaces in your home. The mold spores are small and are often difficult to spot until it’s too late. These tiny organisms can develop within air conditioning and water systems. They release harmful chemicals into the environment which can lead to serious health issues to anyone who comes into contact with them. Mold needs water in order to grow. However, if it isn’t taken care of promptly, it could cause structural damage.


Many homeowners are worried regarding mold due to its capacity to spread and the speed at which it can be spread. The growth of mold can be rapid, especially in areas prone to excessive moisture levels, such as bathrooms with dampness and inadequate air circulation.


Texas Mold Guys is the top in our field. We have the know-how and knowledge to make sure your building or home is safe from dangerous mold spores by using the latest technology. Our team is among the top in the business for offering professional mold testing, inspection, and elimination services. We can also clean up water damage that is of any degree.


Mold Inspection Services

Contact professionals if you have to get rid of mold. A professional inspection will determine the urgency and if your health could be at risk based on the kind of mold that is found in the area, especially if they’re toxic, like black mold.


Mold can trigger a myriad of problems, not only sickness. It can damage walls and ceilings, which will require you to either repair or relocate to another location. Not only does the presence causes illness to people, but also harmful chemicals can be found in mold, meaning that anything in the vicinity could be a risk too. Not an easy fix by any stretch.


Mold is no joke, which is why Texas Mold Guys offer thorough inspection of mold for residential and commercial properties to detect any evidence of growth in mold in your home. Then, you can implement the necessary steps to stop any growth of mold.


Mold Testing Service

At Texas Mold Guys, we aren’t just experts in doing mold inspections, but also mold testing. Texas Mold Guys are here to assist you in the inspection of your home so that we can better safeguard your home from these tiny pests.


Our mission is always simple We want to keep our residents safe by ensuring they are living in clean surroundings free of harmful substances such as fungus or bacteria prowling around inside their homesand ready to strike at any time.


It is essential to be aware of any signs which could signal a problem that could be causing mold on your property. If you suspect there is a problem call us right away, and we’ll send a professional to sample for mold testing.


We conduct a range of types of testing. Most commonly, they are in connection with mold. It includes air samples, swabs and tape lifts. These can be a good way to test the samples collected from your property, specifically in the event that they reveal potential moisture concerns or infestation with fungi like molds.


Mold Removal

After water damage, mold can grow within 48 hours. Dry and humid organic materials are what allow for the growth of microscopic moldspores. It is recommended to call us so that we can begin cleaning up your property of mold in the shortest time possible and get it under control.


Texas Mold Guys uses a range of techniques to safely get rid of any type of mold and size from your environment. We take care of not only your property but also the health of the people who live near you as well. We employ a variety of solutions and procedures for removing mold to ensure that your environment surrounding you is safe for your health.


Mold Removal

It can be hard to choose which mold-cleaning method is best when faced with the daunting task of removing an infestation of mold. There are numerous cleaning options. Each has its advantages in proportion to how bad the mold problem has become.


We are the top mold removal specialists in Texas. We follow a budget-friendly method that is comprehensive and ensures that our clients receive long-lasting outcomes without breaking their budgets or leaving them vulnerable from returning to us in the future.


If you have a problem with mold, always make sure they have access to top-quality services as well as a streamlined pricing system that doesn’t leave the customer dissatisfied when they perform professional mold cleaning. Texas Mold Guys is the most suitable company for this task. Contact us today.


Indoor Air Testing

Depending on the type and severity of your allergies, mold spores could cause a lot of troubles for your health. Mold is particularly dangerous in the vicinity of areas of water like bathtubs and sinks. Certain molds have the ability to release allergens in these conditions. Asthma is more prevalent in children because they are still developing their lungs.


Texas Mold Guys is well-versed on the hazards of toxic chemicals within homes. They will provide an air quality testing. It is important to be aware of what kind of mold you’re dealing with. Texas Mold Guys offers clients an air test for molds as well as other poisonous substances. Our specialists will also take the necessary steps to ensure there are no dangerous substances in your home . rest easy knowing that our professionals are on top of things.


Drying Service

The initial step to make sure that your home is in adequate levels of moisture is to conduct a mold inspection, test, cleanup. Drying services from us go a more than fixing any mold problems. They also protect against future growth with specialized procedures to ensure there’s no chance of mold growing in the future.


Cleaning up after the flood or removal of mold is not just difficult but can also be risky. Alongside sanitizing and cleansing homes of harmful bacteria, based on norms and standards of the industry, Texas Mold Guys also provide helpful cleaning and drying services to make sure that your home is water-free.


Water Damage Restoration

Flooding can be a terrifying experience. We will begin by removing any standing floodwaters. This will ensure that your house doesn’t become more damaged. Texas Mold Guys is an expert in extraction techniques and will resolve issues quickly when you contact us.

Texas Mold Guys is a top-of-the-line company that specializes in water damage reconstruction. We’ll arrive at your property using the most up-to-date techniques to resolve all moisture and flooding issues and return you to normal as soon as possible.


We are aware of the importance of water damage restoration and restoration, our team is a specialist in this area. This is why our business is so effective in saving homes and preventing further damage.


Why should you choose Texas Mold Guys?

We are a family owned business which provides mold remediation services as well as restoration of water damage. We guarantee to assess your home’s condition, conduct any necessary mold testing and provide you with a fast estimation within 24 hours after examining the home for areas that are affected.


Our trained technicians can assist you with any aspect of restoration and remediation once you have confirmed the existence of a mold problem in your home.



Texas Mold Guys offers various restoration of water damage and mold remediation services. Visit our office to find out more.



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