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Mold is a harmful fungus which can be found on surfaces in your home. The mold spores are microscopic, so you won’t even realize the problem existed until it’s too far gone. If the tiny creatures grow in areas such as water or air cooling systems, they release harmful substances into our environment, which causes serious health problems for everyone who comes into contact with them. Mold requires water in order to thrive If it’s not taken care of it can cause structural damage too. don’t let this happen without calling mold remediation experts to take care of it immediately.


Many homeowners are worried regarding mold due to its capacity to spread and the speed at which it can be spread. It is possible for mold to grow quickly in areas that have high moisture levels and in areas with poor air circulation, specifically in bathrooms.


We are Texas Mold Guys, we are the best at what we do. We have the expertise and knowledge to make sure your building or home is free from harmful mold spores , using the most advanced equipment available. Our team is one of the best in its industry for offering professional mold testing, inspection, and removal services. We will clean up any kind or degree of water damage as well.


Mold Inspection Services

Call a professional when you need to take care of mold. A professional inspection can help determine how urgent it is and if you’re health could be at risk due to the types found in this area, especially when they’re toxic, such as black mold.


Mold can cause a variety of issues as well as illness. Mold can cause damage to walls and ceilings. This requires you to repair or move to another area. Mold can cause illness to people and harmful chemicals can be released into the air. It is therefore a risk to anyone who lives near.


Mold is not an easy thing to deal with, which is why Texas Mold Guys offer thorough mold inspection services for both residential and commercial properties to identify any signs or evidence of mold growth in your home. Hence, you’re able to decide to take the appropriate action.


Mold Testing Service

At Texas Mold Guys, we are not only experts in performing mold inspections but also in mold testing. Texas Mold Guys are here to help you with your home inspections , so that we can better safeguard it against these microscopic pests.


Our purpose has always been simple: To keep residents safe by ensuring that they are living in clean environments free of harmful substances such as the fungus and bacteria that roam within their homes, ready for an attack at any moment.


It is very vital to recognize signs which could signal a problem with mold on your property. Contact us immediately if you believe there’s a problem. We’ll send someone out to examine the property.


We carry out a variety of kinds of tests. It is usually associated with mold. This can include tape lifts, air samples and swabs. These can be a great way to test samples that you collect from your property particularly if you have any concerns about moisture or fungi-related issues.


Mold Removal

The growth of mold can occur in less than 48 hours after damage is caused. The germination of microscopic mold spores occurs because moist organic substances or high humidity are the only conditions for this to occur. We suggest that you contact us as soon as you can to get the mold removed from your property.


At Texas Mold Guys, we employ various methods of removal to remove safely any kind or size of mold from your home. We take care of not just your home but also the health of the people who live near you too. To ensure your safety, we use many techniques and products for removal of mold.


Removal of Mold

It can be hard to determine which cleaning technique is the best one when faced with the daunting task of cleaning up an infestation of mold. There are many cleaning options. Based on the degree of mold infestation each technique offers its own advantages.


We’re among the top mold remediation experts in Texas. We follow a budget-friendly and comprehensive approach to ensure that our customers receive lasting outcomes without breaking their budget or making them vulnerable to coming back again in the future.


With mold, one must always ensure they have access services and an efficient pricing system that doesn’t leave customers unhappy while performing professional mold removal. Texas Mold Guys is the ideal company to complete this task. Give us a call today.


Indoor Air Testing

The type and degree of your allergies, the spores of mold can cause massive difficulties for you. Mold is especially harmful if it grows near water sources such as sinks or bathtubs because many molds produce allergens when they thrive in conditions with high humidity levels. This can make asthma attacks more likely in children who are still developing their lungs.


Texas Mold Guys is well-versed on the dangers of toxic chemicals within homes. They’ll offer an air quality test. It is essential to comprehend what type of mold you’re confronted with. Texas Mold Guys offers clients an air test for molds and other hazardous substances. Our specialists will also take the necessary steps to ensure there are no harmful substances left inside your home . rest easy knowing that our professionals have everything under control.


Drying Service

The first step in ensuring that your home has adequate levels of moisture is to conduct a mold inspection, test and cleaning. Then comes our drying services that go one inch further than helping to fix any mold there; they can also stop it from happening once more by ensuring there’s not any more growth through our customized solutions.


Cleaning after the flood or removal of mold is not only difficult and time-consuming, but also hazardous. In addition to sanitizing and eliminating your home from harmful bacteria based on the industry standards and regulations, Texas Mold Guys also provide a variety of helpful cleaning and drying services that make sure your home is dry and free of moisture.


Restoration of Water Damage

The fear of flooding can be overwhelming. The first step is to remove any remaining floodwaters. This will ensure that your home will not be further damaged. Texas Mold Guys are experts in extraction methods and can eliminate issues immediately when you call us.

Texas Mold Guys is a top-of-the-line business that is specialized in water damage reconstruction. We’ll arrive at your property using the latest methods to fix any flooding or moisture problems and return you to normal in the shortest time possible.


We’re specialists in restoration after water damage since they understand that extensive work needs to be carried out on-site prior to even starting. Our team works quickly and efficiently without creating more damage than needed and that is the reason this company has become so successful in rescuing homes from water destruction.


Why should you choose Texas Mold Guys?

Our company is owned by a family that offers mold remediation services along with emergency restoration of water damage. We promise to evaluate your home’s condition, conduct any tests for mold that are required and provide you with a fast estimation within 24 hours of looking over the area for affected areas.


Our certified technicians are able to assist you with all aspects of restoration and mold remediation when you’ve determined that there is a mold issue in your home.



For any mold remediation or restoration services following water damage in Texas Visit Texas Mold Guys at our offices to receive a skilled inspection and remediation.



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