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The growth of mold can be seen on your house’s surfaces. The spores of mold are microscopic, so you won’t even realize there was a problem until it’s too to late. These tiny critters can grow in air conditioning and water equipment. They release toxic substances into the air that can cause serious health problems for anyone who comes into contact with them. The mold needs water to thrive however if it is not controlled it can cause structural damage. make sure you prevent this from happening without contacting mold remediation experts to deal with it immediately.


A lot of homes are worried about mold because of its capacity to spread and how easy it can spread. Mold can develop very quickly and quickly, particularly in areas that are susceptible to high levels of moisture like bathrooms that are damp and poor air circulation.


At Texas Mold Guys, we are the most proficient in what we do. With years of experience and superior solutions, we can ensure that your building or home are safe from harmful mold spores by using our state-of-the-art equipment. Our team is the best in its field for providing professional mold inspection, testing, and removal services. We can also clean water-damaged areas regardless of the severity.


Mold Inspection Services

If you’re in need of getting rid of mold, contact the experts. A professional inspection will help determine how urgent it is and if you’re health could be at risk based on the kind of mold that is found in the property, especially if they’re toxic, like black mold.


Mold can trigger all kinds of problems, not just sickness. It can damage ceilings and walls, which may require you to repair the damage or relocate to a different location. In addition, the presence of mold may make people sick, but also the toxic chemicals could be a part of mold, so anything nearby is a danger too. It’s not an simple fix.


It’s no joke. which is why Texas Mold Guys offer thorough mold inspection services for residential and commercial properties to determine any evidence of the growth of mold on your property. You then can follow the steps necessary to eliminate any mold growth.


Mold Testing Service

We are Texas Mold Guys, we are not only experts in doing mold inspections, but also in mold testing. Texas Mold Guys is here to assist you in your home inspections so that you can better protect it from these microbes.


Our goal was always clear to ensure that residents are safe by making sure they are living in clean and safe areas free of harmful substances like bacteria or fungus that lurk inside their homesand ready to attack at any time.


It is crucial to be aware of indications that be a sign of mold in your home. If you suspect the issue contact us immediately and we’ll send an expert to test the mold on a sample.


We conduct a range of types of testing. The majority of the time, it is associated with mold. These include air samples, tape lifts, and swabs. They are a great way to test samples taken from your property especially if you are experiencing any concerns regarding moisture or fungi-related issues.


Mold Removal Services

After the water damage, mold may grow within 48 hours. The germination of microscopic mold spores occurs because moist organic materials or high humidity is all it takes for this to occur. We recommend that you call us immediately to have the mold removed from your property.


We are Texas Mold Guys, we utilize a variety of mold removal techniques to safely remove any type or size of mold from your property. We are concerned about not just your property, but also the health of those who live in your vicinity too. We utilize a variety solutions and procedures for removing mold to ensure that the environment surrounding you is healthy for you.


Cleaning of Mold

It isn’t easy to decide which mold cleaning technique is the best one when you are faced with the challenge of removing a mold infestation. There are numerous cleaning options. Each has its advantages in proportion to how bad the problem with mold has grown.


We are the top mold removal professionals in Texas. Our cost-effective, comprehensive approach guarantees our clients lasting results without spending more than they can afford or leaving them susceptible to future issues.


Professional mold cleaning requires that you have access to both high-impact services and an affordable pricing structure. Texas Mold Guys are the ideal company to handle this task; don’t hesitate to give us a call now.


Indoor Air Testing

Mold spores can cause severe allergic reactions based upon the allergy you suffer from. Mold can pose a particular risk in the vicinity of the water source, such as bathtubs or sinks. Certain molds have the ability to release allergens when they are in these conditions. Asthma attacks can be more common in children as they are still developing their lungs.


Not a stranger to the dangers of toxins that can be found in houses, Texas Mold Guys will also perform an air quality test. It is crucial to know what type of mold you’re confronted with. Texas Mold Guys offers clients air testing for molds, and other harmful substances. If required, our specialists will make sure to ensure that no harmful substances are left in your home. You can rest assured knowing that everything is under control.


Drying Service

The first step to ensure that your home has the right moisture levels is a mold inspection, testing and cleaning. Following that are our drying services, which go an inch further than aiding in the removal of any mold present; they also stop the possibility of it happening once more by ensuring there is no growth by using our special methods.


It’s risky to clean up after a flood, a mold outbreak or other natural disaster. Texas Mold Guys offers a array of drying and cleaning services that will help you keep your home clean of mold and other harmful bacteria.


Restoration of Water Damage

The fear of flooding can be overwhelming. It is our first priority to eliminate any remaining floodwaters. This is to ensure that your home doesn’t become more damaged. Texas Mold Guys is an expert in extraction methods and can solve problems quickly if you call us.

Texas Mold Guys is a top-of-the-line business that is specialized in water damage restoration. We’ll be on your property with modern techniques to resolve any moisture or flooding issues and return you to normal quickly.


We’re specialists in water damage restoration since we know that a lot of work has to be carried out on-site prior to even getting started. Our team works quickly and efficiently, and without causing any more harm than is necessary and this is why the firm has had such a great success in securing homes from water damage.


Why choose Texas Mold Guys?

We are a family owned business that provides mold remediation as well as emergency restoration of water damage. We promise to evaluate your home, carry out any tests for mold that are required and provide you with an estimate within 24 hours of examining the property for any affected areas.


If you’ve discovered that your home is hosting the symptoms of mold Our licensed technicians will resolve all issues with regard to mold remediation and water damage restoration.



For all your mold remediation and restoration services for water damage in Texas, visit Texas Mold Guys in our offices for an expert inspection and remediation service.



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