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The fungus mold is unwelcome that can be found on the surfaces of your home. The mold spores are small and are often difficult to see until it’s too late. When the little creatures develop in water sources or air conditioning systems, they release toxic substances in our surroundings, which creates serious health issues to anyone who comes into contact with them. Mold needs water in order to grow. But, if it isn’t treated promptly, it could cause structural damage to.


Mold is a major concern of many houses around the world because of not only its ability but also how easily it can spread. Mold can spread quickly particularly in areas that are prone to excessive levels of moisture, such as bathrooms with dampness and poor air circulation.


Texas Mold Guys is the best in what we do. With decades of experience and expert services, we ensure your business or home is safe from dangerous mold spores using the latest technology. Our team is one of the best in its industry for providing professional mold inspection, testing, and removal services. We can clean up any kind or severity level of water damage too.


Mold Inspection Services

If you’re looking to get rid of mold, get in touch with the professionals. Professional inspections will determine the severity of the issue and whether your health is at risk.


Mold can cause many problems in addition to sickness. Mold can cause damage to walls and ceilings, which may require you to repair the damage or relocate to a different area. Mold can make people sick and harmful chemicals can be released into the air. This is why it’s dangerous to anyone who lives near.


Mold growth is serious business. Texas Mold Guys offers thorough mold inspections for residential and commercial buildings. Therefore, you can take necessary action accordingly.


Mold Testing

We are Texas Mold Guys, we are not just experts at doing mold inspections, but also mold testing. Texas Mold Guys is here to assist you with your home inspections to better protect it from these tiny pests.


Our objective has been to keep residents protected by ensuring their homes are not contaminated with dangerous substances such as fungus and bacteria, which are present within their homes, ready to strike at any time.


It is very vital to be aware of the signs that may indicate a problem with mold on your property. Contact us immediately if you suspect that there is the possibility of a problem. We’ll send someone out to inspect the property.


We can perform a variety kinds of tests. The most commonly used one is related to mold and includes air samples, swabs & tape lifts; these can be a great way to analyze the samples that are taken from your property, specifically when they suggest issues with moisture or an infestation of molds or other fungi.


Mold Removal Services

After water damage, mold can expand within 48 hours. Dry and humid organic matter allow for the development of tiny mold spores. It is best to give us a call so that we can get started on mold removal from your property as soon as possible and have it under control.


We are Texas Mold Guys, we use various mold removal methods to safely remove any type or size of mold in your surroundings. We are concerned about not only your property but also the health of the people living around you too. To protect you, we use many mold removal products and procedures.


Mold Removal

It can be difficult to determine which cleaning procedure is the most efficient when faced with the task of cleaning up a mold infestation. There are numerous cleaning options. All have benefits in proportion to how bad the mold problem has become.


We’re among the top mold remediation professionals in Texas. We follow a budget-friendly method that is comprehensive and ensures that our customers receive lasting results without breaking their budget or leaving them vulnerable from returning to us in the near future.


When dealing with mold, it is essential to ensure that they have access to high-impact services as well as a streamlined pricing structure to not leave the customer dissatisfied when they perform professional mold remediation. Texas Mold Guys are the ideal company to handle this task so don’t hesitate to call us a call right now.


Indoor Air Testing

The spores of mold can trigger severe allergic reactions based upon your type of allergy. Mold is especially harmful if it is found near water sources such as bathtubs or sinks since many molds produce allergens when they develop in these conditions in high humidity levels. It also makes asthma attacks more likely in youngsters who are still developing their lungs.


Not a stranger to the dangers of toxic substances in houses, Texas Mold Guys will also provide an air quality test. It pays to be aware of what’s at stake in the case of mold. This is why Texas Mold Guys provide clients with air tests for mold as well as other toxins. If required, our specialists will be extra careful to make sure that no harmful substances are remaining in your home. You can be confident you are in control.


Drying Service

Inspection, testing, and cleaning are the initial steps to ensure that your home has the proper levels of moisture. After that comes our drying services, which go an inch further than aiding in the removal of any mold present. They also prevent the problem from occurring once more by ensuring there’s not any more growth with our specialized treatments.


Cleaning after flooding or the removal of mold is not only difficult and time-consuming, but also dangerous. Alongside cleaning and sanitizing homes from harmful bacteria based on the industry standards and regulations, Texas Mold Guys also provide some useful drying and cleaning services to make sure your home is dry and free of moisture.


Water Damage Restoration Company

The fear of flooding can be a scary experience. We will begin by removing any standing floodwaters. This will ensure that your house does not get damaged further. Texas Mold Guys is an expert in extraction methods and can solve problems quickly whenever you call us.

Texas Mold Guys is a leading company that is skilled in water damage reconstruction. We’ll arrive at your property using modern methods to eliminate any issues caused by water or flooding and help to get you back on track as swiftly as is possible.


We’re specialists in restoration of water damage because we realize that significant work has to be carried out on-site prior to even starting. This is why our business is so successful in saving homes from further destruction.


Why choose Texas Mold Guys ?

Our family-owned company offers mold remediation and urgent restoration of water damage. We promise to evaluate your home’s condition, conduct any mold testing as needed and give you an immediate estimation within 24 hours of looking over the home for areas that are affected.


If you’ve discovered the possibility that your home may be a victim of an infestation of mold and you suspect that your home is a victim, our certified technicians will sort all your issues related to mold remediation and water damage restoration.



Texas Mold Guys provides various restoration services for water damage as well as mold remediation services. Visit our office to find out more.



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