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Mold can form on your home’s surface. The spores of mold are extremely small, and so you might not be aware that there is a problem until it’s too to late. These tiny creatures can flourish in the air conditioning and water equipment. They release toxic chemicals into the surrounding environment, which can cause serious health problems for anyone who comes in contact with them. The mold needs water to thrive and if not checked it can cause structural damage too. make sure you prevent this from happening without calling professional mold remediation specialists to deal with it immediately.


Mold is a recurring issue of many houses around the globe because of not just its capability however, but also how quickly it can spread. Mold can quickly grow in areas with high humidity levels and low air circulation, in particular bathrooms.


We are Texas Mold Guys, we are the most proficient in what we do. With decades of experience and expert services, we make sure your property or office is protected from toxic mold spores thanks to our latest equipment. Our team is one of the best in its field for professional mold testing, inspection and removal services. We can also take care of cleaning up water damage that is of any degree.


Mold Inspection Services

If you’re trying to get rid of mold, get in touch with the professionals. A professional inspection can help determine the urgency and if you’re health could be in danger based on the type of mold you find in your property, especially those that are toxic, like black mold.


Mold can trigger all kinds of health issues, not just illnesses. Mold can cause damage to ceilings and walls, which requires you to repair or move to another place. Mold can cause illness to people and toxic chemicals could be present in the air. This can be dangerous for people living near.


Mold is no joke, that’s why Texas Mold Guys offer thorough inspection of mold for residential and commercial buildings to identify any signs or evidence of the growth of mold on your property. You can then take the necessary steps to stop any growth of mold.


Mold Testing

We are Texas Mold Guys, we are not just experts at conducting mold inspections, but also mold testing. Texas Mold Guys are here to assist you in your home inspections to ensure that we can better protect your home from these tiny pests.


Our purpose has always been simple to ensure that residents are safe by ensuring they’re living in clean and safe areas free of harmful substances such as the fungus and bacteria that roam in their homes, waiting for attack at any moment.


It’s crucial to be aware of any signs that might indicate an issue with mold on your property. If you suspect that the problem is there you should contact us immediately and we’ll send an expert to collect a mold sample to be tested.


There are many different types of testing we do. Most commonly, they are in connection with mold. It includes air samples, swabs and tape lifts. These can be a great way to analyze the samples that are taken from your property, specifically if they indicate possible issues with moisture or an infestation of molds or other fungi.


Mold Removal Services

It is possible for mold to grow in less than 48 hours after damage is caused. The growth of microscopic mold spores happens because damp organic material or high humidity are enough for this to happen. It is advisable to call us so that we can begin the removal of mold from your home immediately and have it under control.


Texas Mold Guys uses a range of techniques to safely remove any type of mold or size that you may encounter in your surroundings. We care for not just your property, but and the health of people who live near you and around you. To protect you we employ a variety of methods and products to remove mold.


Mold Removal

When you’re faced with the problem of cleaning mold after an uncontrollable outbreak it is often difficult to know what kind of mold removal method is the best. There are numerous cleaning options. They all have their benefits according to how extensive the mold infestation has become.


We are the leading mold removal experts in Texas. We take an affordable method that is comprehensive and ensures that our customers get long-lasting outcomes without breaking their budgets or making them vulnerable to coming back again in the future.


If you have a problem with mold, ensure that they have access to top-quality services and a cost-effective pricing structure to not leave any customer unhappy when performing professional mold removal. Texas Mold Guys is the ideal company to complete this job. Contact us today.


Indoor Air Testing

Depending on the type and degree of your allergies, mold spores could cause a lot of issues for your health. It is particularly harmful when it is found close to water sources like bathtubs and sinks as many molds release allergens if they grow under those conditions with high humidity levels. Asthma is more prevalent in children because they are still developing their lungs.


Texas Mold Guys is well-versed in the dangers of toxic chemicals within homes. They’ll provide air quality test. It is important to know what you’re facing with regard to mold. This is why Texas Mold Guys provide clients with a test of air quality for mold and other toxins. If it is necessary, our experts will take extra care to make sure that there are no harmful substances found in your house. You can rest assured knowing that everything is under control.


Drying Service

The first step to ensure that your home is in the right moisture levels is a mold inspection, testing, cleaning. Our drying services go a further than just fixing any mold problems. They also stop future growth by using specialized procedures to ensure there’s no future mold.


Cleaning after an event like a flood or removing mold is not only difficult, but it can be hazardous. Texas Mold Guys offers a assortment of cleaning and drying services that will help you ensure that your home is free of mold and other harmful bacteria.


Restoration of Water Damage

Flooding can be a terrifying experience. It is our first priority to eliminate any standing floodwaters. This will ensure that your home does not get damaged further. Texas Mold Guys is an expert in extraction methods and can solve problems quickly whenever you call us.

Texas Mold Guys is a top-of-the-line business that is specialized in water damage reconstruction. We will arrive on your property using modern techniques to resolve any moisture or flooding issues and restore your property as soon as possible.


Because we understand the importance of water damage restoration Our team is an expert in this area. This is the reason our company is so successful in saving homes and preventing further damage.


Why choose Texas Mold Guys?

Our family-owned company offers the remediation of mold and emergency restoration of water damage. We guarantee to assess your home, conduct any tests for mold that are required and give you an immediate estimation within 24 hours of investigating the area for affected areas.


Our certified technicians are able to assist you with any aspect of mold remediation and reconstruction when you’ve determined that there is a mold problem in your house.



Texas Mold Guys provides various restoration services for water damage as well as mold remediation services. Contact us for more information.



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