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The fungus mold is unwelcome that is found on surfaces around your home. The mold spores are small and may be difficult to spot until it’s too late. The tiny creatures can thrive within air conditioning and water equipment. They release toxic substances into the air that could cause health issues for those who come in contact with them. Mold requires moisture to live however if it is not controlled, it will start causing structural damage, too. Don’t allow this to happen without calling professional mold remediation specialists to take care of it immediately.


Many households are worried regarding mold due to its ability to spread and the speed at which it can spread. The growth of mold can be rapid in areas with high humidity levels and poor air circulation, particularly bathrooms.


Texas Mold Guys is the most effective in what we do. We have the experience and know-how to ensure your business or home is free from harmful mold spores with our state-ofthe-art equipment. Our team is one of the best in its industry for providing professional mold testing, inspection, and elimination services. We clean up any type or degree of water damage , too.


Mold Inspection Services

Consult a professional to eliminate mold. Professional inspections can determine how urgent the issue is and whether your health is in danger.


Mold can cause all sorts of health issues, not just sickness. It can damage ceilings and walls, which can require you to fix or move to a new location. It’s not just that the presence create sickness, but also harmful chemicals can be found in mold, meaning that anything in the vicinity is a danger too. It’s not an straightforward fix.


The effects of mold are not a joke, which is why Texas Mold Guys offer thorough mold inspection services for commercial and residential properties to detect any evidence of growth in mold in your home. It is then possible to follow the steps necessary to stop any growth of mold.


Mold Testing

Texas Mold Guys is not only an expert in mold inspections, but also mold testing. Texas Mold Guys are here to help you with your home inspections to ensure that we can better guard it against these microscopic pests.


Our purpose has always been clear to ensure that residents are safe by ensuring that they are living in clean environments free of harmful substances like the fungus and bacteria that roam in their homes, waiting for attack anytime.


It is vital to spot the signs that may be a sign of mold in your home. If you suspect you have a problem, reach out to us immediately, and we’ll arrange for a professional to sample for mold testing.


We perform a variety of kinds of tests. The most common one is in connection with mold. It includes air samples, swabs, and tape lifts. They could be a good way to examine the samples taken from your property, especially when they suggest issues with moisture or an infestation of the fungi that cause mold.


Mold Removal Services

After the water damage, mold may develop within 48 hours. The germination of microscopic mould spores can occur because damp organic materials or high levels of humidity are all it takes for this to happen. It is best to give us a call so that we can get started on the removal of mold from your home as soon as possible and keep it in check.


Texas Mold Guys uses a range of techniques to safely eliminate any kind of mold or size from your property. We ensure not just your home but and the health of people who live around you as well. We employ a variety of techniques and products to ensure that the air around you is healthy for you.


Mold Cleaning

If you are faced with the task of cleaning up mold after an uncontrollable outbreak it can be difficult to know what kind of mold cleaning procedure will work best. There are a variety of cleaning options. They all have advantages in proportion to how bad the mold issue has become.


We are the most reputable mold removal experts in Texas. Our cost-effective, comprehensive approach will ensure that our customers get long-lasting results without exceeding their budget or making them vulnerable to future problems.


Professional mold remediation requires that you have easy access to high-quality services and an affordable pricing structure. Texas Mold Guys are the right company for this job; don’t hesitate to give us a ring now.


Test Air Quality

In accordance with the type and severity of your allergies, mold spores may cause enormous problems for your health. Mold can pose a particular risk when it is found near water sources such as bathtubs and sinks. A lot of molds are able to release allergens within these circumstances. It can also make asthma attacks much more likely in kids who are still developing their lungs.


Aware of the dangers of toxins within homes, Texas Mold Guys will also conduct an air quality test. It pays to know what’s going on in the case of mold. Texas Mold Guys offers clients air testing for molds, and other harmful substances. If it is necessary, our experts will do their best to ensure that there are no harmful substances remaining in your home. You can rest assured knowing that everything is under control.


Drying Service

The initial step to make sure that your home is stocked with the proper levels of moisture is mold inspection, testing, cleanup. Our drying services go one further than just fixing any mold-related issues. They also help prevent the growth of mold by using specific procedures to ensure there’s no possibility of mold growth in the near future.


Cleaning after an event like a flood or removing mold isn’t easy, but it can be risky. Texas Mold Guys offers a variety of cleaning and drying solutions that will allow you to keep your home clean of the harmful bacteria and mold.


Restoration of Water Damage

Flooding can be a frightening experience. The first step is to remove any standing floodwaters. This will ensure that your home does not get damaged further. Texas Mold Guys are experts at extraction techniques that remove the problem as soon as you call us.

Texas Mold Guys is a top company that is specialized in water damage restoration. We’ll arrive at your property using the latest methods to fix any flooding or moisture problems and help you get back on track whenever possible.


Since we are aware of the importance of water damage restoration Our team of experts in this field. This is the reason why our company is so effective in saving homes from further destruction.


Why should you choose Texas Mold Guys?

Our family-owned company offers the remediation of mold and emergency water damage restoration services. After an inspection of your property We will provide you with an estimate and then provide you with a quote in less than 24 hours.


If you’ve found out that your house is a host to the symptoms of mold and you suspect that your home is a victim, our certified technicians will be on hand to resolve all issues that concern mold remediation and water damage restoration.



For any mold remediation or restoration services following water damage in Texas go to Texas Mold Guys in our offices to receive a skilled inspection and remediation service.



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