About Texas Mold Guys

Texas Mold Guys is a network of the best mold removal companies in Texas. Our members offer quality inspections, testing, and removals with 24/7 emergency service all over our state for both residential or commercial properties that need urgent attention.

We’re the best at what we do. We are a family-owned companies that offer quality service 24/7. We offer inspections, tests, and removals for any type or size of a home in need – including emergency response times on-site to help make sure your problem gets solved quickly with no fuss from start to finish and always by someone who cares about taking care of you as much as us when water damage happens.

Texas Mold Guys businesses provide the mold removal service that will be able to help you with all of your needs. Our technicians specialize in fire, water damage restoration as well as biohazard conditions and crime scene clean up, so if it’s anything relating to damages caused by anyone these things, then look no further. Our 24-hour emergency services make us available anywhere nationwide, which makes our company an extremely valuable asset for anyone who has been faced with needing their property repaired or restored after experiencing some form of disaster at home or work site.

We’re a group of full-service residential and commercial contractors specializing in the repair of property damaged by fire, water, smoke, or mold. Also, we provide 24-hour emergency services for your convenience so we can work anywhere. Our teams serve many industries, including homes, businesses such as buildings and schools, medical facilities like hospitals–even churches if they need our expertise too.

Why Choose A Texas Mold Guys Contractor

When it comes to repairing property damaged by mold and biohazard conditions, the experts under Texas Mold Guys are here for you. With 24/7 emergency services, they can provide fast response times that meet or exceed your insurance requirements.

Mold can be hazardous to your health, leading to illness and even death. It’s important that you find an experienced company like ours who will work with the insurance companies on claims for property damage caused by this type of environmental issue. Our 24-hour hotline is always available; just pick up when there’s trouble or else send in one simple form online – no matter what time it may be (we’re open around the clock).

When your home is under siege by a pesky mold infection, it can be hard to know who you should call. You want fast service that gets the job done right – not just make things worse. The Texas Mold Guys brand has built a reputation for always being there for people in need of emergency assistance with highly trained technicians and award-winning customer satisfaction ratings across multiple industries, including cleanup restoration services which make us stand out from other companies offering similar types of work delays. All contractors are insured. So give us a call today before mold problems ruin your day.

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